What Dog Owners are Saying About Abbeywood Kennels

If your dog could speak (well you know, speak our language), your dog would tell you how the staff at Abbeywood carefully looks after its every need. Since your dog can’t speak, why not see what some owners have to say about Abbeywood Kennels.

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Scrabble the Greyhound acts like this is some kind of summer camp. These dogs are happy to be hanging out here, looks like to me. You'll like the way it's laid out; and that it's out in the country, but not too far from the freeway and from town.

When I moved to Sonoma County some 15 years ago I searched for a good kennel. I raised purebred dogs and traveled with them so wanted a very safe, caring environment for my guys when I had to board them and did not want to risk in inhouse pet sitter letting them get loose. I personally visited almost all the kennels in the area and picked Abbeywood for a variety of reasons including the immaculate way in which they are kept. The time they spend with the dogs. The secure inside areas they have for them and large outdoor runs; and the sunny countryside location. I have boarded with Joyce here for many years and my dogs always come back as healthy or better as when I left them. She has also helped me with rescue dogs and is great with difficult or frightened guys. My dogs really like her. It may seem a bit informal but don't let the rough exterior of either the people or location fool you, it is a very well run, safe environment for your dogs. Joyce has been involved in the dog show business for many years as well and understands how to care for and handle dogs in a safe manner. This is a great place.

– Sarah L.

Its bad enough that I have to leave my dog for such long periods of time, but I feel a little less guilty knowing that he is in capable hands in a great kennel. Joyce is really knowledgeable and takes care of my pup the way I would. He is always wagging his tail when he sees that bright yellow building!

– Marco D.

Our dog Zeke, a chocolate lab, was a lively, irrepressible puppy when we first started taking him to Abbeywood. Much to our surprise, when he was less than a year old, Joyce asked us if we had noticed that he had some difficulty getting up from the sitting position and mentioned that his hips looked out of alignment. Neither we nor our vet had noticed this. After having it checked out, we found that he had congenital hip dysplaxia which was severe for a dog his age and would surely shorten his life. After two pelvic osteotomy surgeries, Zeke lived to the happy, healthy ripe old age of almost 14. Thanks, Joyce.

– Nancy W.

My husband and I agreed to take care of our son's 8 month old bully-pit mix, Weezy for 6 months while he's getting settled in LA. Being older we had our own prejudices about pit/bulls as most people our age do. Regardless we decided we couldn't say no. When we were in need of a Kennel and called Joyce reporting we had a pit-bull mix, unlike most kennels, she was very welcoming. Abbeywood is not a dog spa, so if that's what you're looking for, don't bother calling. What it has is a very experienced, caring, no nonsense facility that will take great care of your pet. Weezy has stayed there on 3 different occasions and will continue doing so until our son reclaims him which we're “kinda hoping he doesn't!!”

– Debbie K.